2018 NNPHI Annual Conference and Public Health Workforce Forum Wellness Challenge

#NNPHIac18 is here and we are all so excited! We’re looking forward to meeting friends and building networks. We are also looking forward to all the insightful presentations, discussions, and opportunities in store for this year.

The Wellness Challenge allows participants to engage in physical activity, explore the city and maintain emotional and mental well-being. Participants can earn points through a variety of activities aimed at promoting the goal of wellness. Points accumulated would be used to determine the three winners.

The Wellness Challenge will start on May 22 and end at 11 AM CDT on May 24. There will be a variety of activities scheduled that participants can attend to earn points, as well as opportunities for participants to earn points on their own. Points will be kept track of through the Crowd Compass Conference App Activity Feed. Winners will be announced at the end of the conference through the app and on our social media.


Winners will be announced through the conference app and on our social media. Make sure you are following us on twitter @NNPHI_Org and following the conference hashtag #NNPHIac18. Participants do not have to be present to win prizes, however the final standings will include all points earned through 11 AM CDT on May 24.

Grand Prize (1st place): Instant Pot, Recipe books & Thrive Market Gift Card
Runner-up (2nd place): Gym Bag (Items included: water bottle, yoga towels, healthy snacks, headphones, and blender with to go cup)
3rd place: Health & Wellness basket (Items included: snacks, face masks, tea, travel mug, candle)

Registration and Eligibility

Registration is free. All conference attendees are eligible to participate in the wellness challenge, regardless of organizational affiliation.

The following is a list of point-eligible activities for the Wellness Challenge.

For Points: Complete activities within each category


  • A picture of you at the conference
  • A picture of you and a Colleague
  • A picture of you and a new friend
  • Reason for coming to the event


  • Take the stairs
  • Yoga (May 23rd ; 6.30AM)
  • Net-walking with NNPHI Staff (May 23rd ; 5.30-6:15PM)
  • Dancing at the NNPHI Reception (May 23rd; 7:00PM)
  • Guided Walk/Run (May 24th; 6.30AM)
  • Exercise in hotel gym

The Explorer

  • This golden statue, also known as “the Maid of Orleans” was given to New Orleans by France
  • Spot a boat along the Moon Walk
  • Our former City Hall sits across from Lafayette Square
  • Spot a street performer
  • This “Walking to New Orleans” musician can be found at the Musical Legends Park
  • Spot a horse – drawn carriage
  • Step into an art gallery on royal street


  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • Show us how you incorporate mental wellness into your day!
  • Slow down. Sit down & watch the sunset.
  • Give yourself a night off from any screen time
  • Enjoy nature (Suggestions: Audubon Park, City Park)


  • Eat breakfast
  • Healthy Snacks
  • Drink at least 64 ounces of water
  • Eat your fruits and veggies!

The Conference Veteran  

  • Visit exhibitors
  • App Session evaluations
  • Share a tweet using #NNPHIac2018

Submitting Points

In order to receive credit for points, participants must submit a brief description and/or picture of each wellness occurrence via the Crowd Compass App Activity Feed for each activity completed. Follow these four steps to submit activities:

Step 1: On the conference app homepage (Event Guide), click on the top left menu tab (three horizontal lines).
Step 2: Under the category My Items, click on Activity Feed. Make sure you are on the central tab in Activity Feed (i.e., “All Activity” should be highlighted).
Step 3: Click on the + sign in the top right corner, and then click on “Text” or “Photo” to create your submission.
Step 4: Write a brief description of your activity or upload a photo of your wellness activity, then hit “Post.”

Participants are encouraged to submit activities/pictures as they accumulate points to allow standings to be updated regularly.

All activities must be submitted by 11 AM CST on May 24 so that points earned throughout the challenge and winners can be announced by the end of the conference.

Tracking Points

All points earned must be submitted by 11 AM CST on May 24.

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