Learning Opportunities: Disaster Readiness, Informatics, Data Analysis

Fill your upcoming professional development agenda with a live webinar with Region 10 PHTC and two self-paced trainings from Region 3.

From Region 10: Northwest Public Health Training Center

Smoke-Ready Communities During Severe Wildfires

Live webinar September 25: As severe wildfires and prolonged smoke events become more common, health departments are re-evaluating their role in addressing these issues. In the September session of Hot Topics in Practice, Sarah Coefield, MS, discusses how the Missoula City-County Health Department in Montana supported public health and safety during the exceptionally smoky summer of 2017.

In this one-hour webinar, Coefield will examine the major health concerns associated with wildfires, such as respiratory distress, and their impacts to the public health system. She will also review how her agency partnered with non-profits to counter these concerns by encouraging smoke-readiness and clean air spaces for individuals, schools, and businesses.

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From Region 3: Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center

Learning the Language Informatics Training

This self-directed searchable resource is intended to improve your knowledge and understanding of Informatics terminology. It includes both a glossary and index that are divided into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. The resource can be accessed alphabetically, categorically, or by specific terms.

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From Region 3 LPS: Drexel University

Excel Pro Tips for Public Health: Budgets, Pivot Tables, and Data Analysis

Become your office’s Excel pro by watching this interactive online video series created by Rachel Peters, MPH. In this self-paced, 5-video series you will learn how to use Excel to create and understand budgets, as well as learning how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize large data sets more efficiently to get the most out of your public health projects.

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