Learning Opportunities: Homelessness, Public Health Marketing

Join Region 10 for the Northwest Center for Public Health Practice’s April webinar on homelessness. Learn on your own time with an on-demand training featured on the Public Health Learning Navigator.


From Region X – Northwest Public Health Training Center

Changing the Narrative About Homelessness

Live webinar April 30: Homelessness is a very visible health issue that provokes strong public sentiment. The key to change could be harnessing that public passion in new ways. In the April session of Hot Topics in Practice, Hilary Godwin, PhD, Dean of the University of Washington School of Public Health, discusses how we can change the narrative about homelessness by addressing the psychological barriers it summons and lead with bold interventions.

In this one-hour webinar, Godwin will use a population health framework to consider the root causes of homelessness and review ways to strengthen more tertiary, secondary, and especially primary prevention efforts like a strong social safety net. She will review existing best practices and evidence-based interventions from the Pacific Northwest and other regions, and explore leadership roles a School of Public Health can play in this area.

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From Region I – New England Public Health Training Center

Marketing Public Health

Whether you are managing a single community program or an entire public health department, understanding the basic principles of branding and marketing can be crucial to your success. Every program and organization has key stakeholders, and the goal of this course is to offer you concrete strategies for communicating with those stakeholders in order to support your broader program and organizational goals.

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