Learning Opportunities: Principles of Adult Education, Law and Environmental Public Health

From Region III- Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center

Principles of Adult Education

Webinar- March 18: This webinar will introduce participants to principles of adult education. We will discuss key differences between andragogy (adult learning) and pedagogy (child learning) and ways to tailor workshops for adult learning. This interactive micro-webinar is designed to introduce content experts to the world of asynchronous online learning. The webinar is 10–15 minutes in length and will include additional time for Q&A. Participants are encouraged to have their camera and microphone turned on to facilitate discussions around these topics. We welcome you to join us for the entire series or for individual webinars!

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From Region VIII- Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center 

The Role of Law in Advancing Environmental and Public Health Goals

Two-part webinar: Using relevant and innovative local, state, federal, and tribal examples, the Part I session will illustrate how law can help further environmental and public health goals and examine the legal foundations for federal, tribal, state, and local power to protect public health and the environment. Part II will introduce resources for policy development and advocacy skills, prepare practitioners to recognize legal issues and barriers to achieving public health and environmental health goals and to work with legal counsel, and include a survey of innovative policies to address pressing public health threats and achieve public health and environmental health goals. Sponsored by the Montana Public Health Association and the Montana Environmental Health Association

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