Learning Opportunities: Share Public Health, Health Equity, Trauma Informed Care

The Public Health Learning Network has released three unique learning opportunities- including a podcast! Read on for trainings provided by Region 7, Region 8, and Region 9.




From Region VII – Midwestern Public Health Training Center

Share Public Health

New weekly podcast: Welcome to Share Public Health, the Midwestern Public Health Training Center’s podcast connecting you to public health topics, issues, and colleagues throughout the midwest region and the country, highlighting that we all share in public health.

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From Region VIII – Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center

Health Equity: LGBTQ+ Fall 2019 Online Course

Online Course October 1- November 19: This 6-week online learning experience approaches the issue of LGBTQ health from multiple perspectives. It will provide information and an opportunity for personal reflection, and ends with an introduction to action steps public health and health care can take to improve health outcomes for LGBTQ individuals.

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From Region IX – Hawai‘i Public Health Training Hui

Trauma Informed Care for Child Sex Trafficking Victims

In-Person Training September 26: Presentation topics include ACES and Trauma, Trauma and Attachment, Building the Beloved Community, and Empowering Clients through their Gifts.

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