Learning Opportunity: Food and Nutrition Essentials to Nourish Your Body for Cancer Prevention: What You Need to Know

Mid-Atlantic Region Public Health Training Center

Live Webinar | March 3, 2022, Noon – 1:00 pm EST

Eating well for cancer prevention has never been more confusing. Nutrition advice for cancer prevention can often appear conflicting. We are living in an ever-expanding age of ‘nutritionism,’ where the emphasis is on nutrients and components that make up our food rather than on food itself and how we consume food. As a result, eating healthy for cancer prevention has become unnecessarily complex. Each day we are faced with conflicting messages about nutrition and health from the media, food and supplement industries, family, peers, and so-called professionals. Join Crystal Pace, Registered Dietitian to de-bunk common myths related to eating well for cancer prevention. Throughout this presentation we will be exploring and discussing the benefits of consuming a primarily plant-based diet for reducing cancer risk. You will learn more about foods that may increase or decrease cancer risk, and how to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in food. 

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