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Colorado Health Institute

Located in Denver, Colorado, the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) has been providing evidence-based data and information to inform policy, advancing health, promoting collaboration and support better access to care for all since 2002. That remains true today. But times have changed, and so has CHI.

From CHI:

As a health policy research institute, research remains our priority. But today, we also serve as strategic advisors, facilitators and evaluators. We are partnering with individuals, groups and communities across the state and, increasingly, across the nation.

We analyze, we write, we talk, we tweet, we blog, we convene, we listen, we learn. In short, we make sure that solid information and sound advice reach the right people at the right time when it can do the most good.

In the past months, for example, we have released the Colorado Health Access Survey, completed a real-time analysis of new insurance rates and created a Colorado Access to Care Index.

Our annual Hot Issues in Health Care conference is a must for lawmakers, advocates and other stakeholders.

We are non-profit and non-partisan, supported by four primary funders – The Colorado Trust, the Colorado Health Foundation, Caring for Colorado Foundation and Rose Community Foundation.

And, we are open for business.


Mission Statement

CHI strives to be a trusted and leading source of credible analysis and expertise for Colorado leaders.

Vision and Impact

CHI improves the health of all Coloradans by supporting health policy discussions with evidence-based analysis.

  • Convening/Partnering
  • Fiscal/Administration Management
  • Health Communications & Social Marketing
  • Health Information Services
  • Health Policy Development, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Health Systems Transformation
  • Population-Based Health Programs
  • Training & Technical Assistance
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2014 Annual Conference Collaborative Practice Design Lab: Developing Non-Partisan Health Policy Education Programs for Policy Makers

Notes from a Collaborative Practice Design Lab (CPDL) at the 2014 NNPHI Annual Conference.

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