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Mississippi Public Health Institute

Mission Statement

In aiming to improve the health of Mississippians, MSPHI is dedicated to developing partnerships that are committed to program innovation, the increase of health resources, education, health awareness, and applied research and policy.

Vision and Impact

MSPHI promotes public health through projects in policy evaluation, community health, data analysis, and health access. MSPHI staff and contractors have expertise in public health services, environmental health, nutrition, education, social services, and health information technology. MSPHI works with programs that find inventive ways to solve health issues and promote healthy and active living in Mississippi.

  • Convening/Partnering
  • Health Communications & Social Marketing
  • Health Policy Development, Implementation & Evaluation
  • Population-Based Health Programs
  • Training & Technical Assistance
Community Served:
Contact Information:
  • Mississippi Public Health Institute
    5 Olympic Way, Suite A Madison, MS 39110
  • Roy Hart, Chief Executive Officer
  • 601.398.4406

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Signature Programs

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2014 Annual Conference Poster: Exploring Collective Impact Opportunities

Learn more about how Mississippi Public Health Institute worked with a primary care clinic, the health department, community health center, faith-based organizations, and the communities to improve clinic-community engagement.

2014 Annual Conference Poster: Tackling Access to Care Barriers from All Angles: Improving Population Health

Learn more about Mississippi Public Health Institute’s challenges, lessons learned, and plans to address access-to-care issues as part of its public health accreditation process.

Mississippi Incorporates Evidenced Based Practices into Community Health Improvement Planning Using the Guide to Community Preventive Services

See how Mississippi Public Health Institute, Mississippi State Department of Health, and the Mississippi Primary Healthcare Association partnered to ensure use of the Community Guide in Community Health Improvement Planning.