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Open Forum Champions

Becoming a champion isn’t easy—not in sports and definitely not in public health. The Open Forum for Quality Improvement and Innovation, an event that immerses public health leaders and professionals in compelling, innovative, and emerging content from experts in the field, has a group of champions who have definitely earned their titles. These individuals have attended six or more Open Forums and are using what they’ve learned to help their organizations “win” in their efforts to improve population health. The 17th annual Open Forum will be in Philadelphia, Pa. on March 28-29, 2019, and public health professionals interested in attending—and starting on their own path to become Open Forum champions—can register now.

Addressing the complex and challenging issues that impact population health requires public health professionals to constantly sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge. Torney Smith, the administrator at Spokane Regional Health District, believes the Open Forum has “the most relevant sessions related to the actual work we do at the local level.” He returns to work with new ideas to move his agency and community forward, which is one of the most significant benefits of the Open Forum.

Carrie Allison, quality improvement coordinator and accreditation coordinator at the Alabama Department of Public Health considers the Open Forum the conference she most looks forward to each year. “I know I’ll get great ideas from other health departments, hear some new information on PHAB (Public Health Accreditation Board) Accreditation, and learn more about the environment that I often lose sight of,” says Allison. “Naturally, it doesn’t hurt that everything about the conference is well organized, the food is fabulous, and you meet so many people!”

Networking and sharing with peers is a core element of the Open Forum, which is why Jennifer Schuette, quality improvement and performance management analyst at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services considers the Open Forum a great conference for public health practitioners of all experience levels who are interested in QI (quality improvement), PM (performance management), and Accreditation Readiness. “I continue to go and every time it has been worth the time and cost,” shares Shuette. “I come back armed with resources that not only will help my agency, but I can share them with our local health departments and tribal agencies, as well.”

If you’re interested in learning more about performance improvement and innovation in public health—and want to start on the path to becoming an Open Forum champion—register for the Open Forum today.

Open Forum for Quality Improvement and Innovation

Thursday, March 28, 2019 – Saturday, March 30, 2019
Hilton Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing
Registration Fee: $300.00
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