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phPIN Webinar: Building a Performance Management System to Strengthen Quality Improvement

April 13, 2020

This is the archived resource for the February phPIN webinar with Whitney Litzner and Maria Swiakowski from the Macomb County Health Department in Michigan.

Public Health has been measuring performance for years, with the help of tools from the Public Health Foundation, CDC and local Public Health Institutes. However, measures at local health departments are often scattered throughout programs, not meaningful, and measuring things for the sake of measuring. It can be challenging to find a way to organize an entire department’s performance measures, and a way to host them so they are accessible and usable. Once you are able to develop a system and establish meaningful measures, how do you put your system to use?

This presentation addresses many areas of performance management, including where to start when developing a performance management system, how to define performance management terms (and explain them to others), developing performance measures that are meaningful to your programs, and finally, how to use what you learn from your performance management system to identify quality improvement initiatives for your organization.

Learning Objectives

1. Define and provide examples of key performance management terms, such as indicator, outcome, measure, and action
2. Describe how to use performance data to develop quality improvement activities
3. Formulate ways to establish a system that works for your organization

Focus Areas:
  • Performance & Quality Improvement
  • Workforce Training & Education

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