Training Highlights: Diabetes Care, Project Management, Grant Coordination.

This summer, mark your calendars for a live webinar, an in-person class, and some on-demand professional development time with sessions from Region 7, Region 5, and Region 1.

From Region 7: Midwestern Public Health Training Center (University of Iowa)

Culture, Technology, and Disease: The Omaha Model of Diabetes Care

Live webinar on July 17: A Presentation on Tribal Diabetes care, targeted towards Community Health Workers, Nurse Navigators and diabetes management. Including information on working to solve the food desert issues.

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From Region 5 LPS: IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health

Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects

Live in-person on August 14: To be held in Denton, Maryland, this class will introduce participants to proven techniques, guidelines, and strategies for staying on top of the competing priorities and conflicting projects faced by all public health professionals. The end result will be the ability to accomplish more with better results and less stress.

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From Region 1: New England Public Health Training Center (Boston University)

Living on Grants: Practical Budgeting Guidelines

Webinar on demand: How can your public health organization be better prepared for budget time? Learn the basics of grant budget development and how to manage a grant-based budget from proposal to post award. No Matter what level of budget management or review is your responsibility, this webinar can help you identify the requirements and limitations for grant budget development and the fiscal requirements after your proposal is awarded.

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