Training Highlights: Community Health Assessments, Built Environments, Culture of Service, and Grants Management

This week, we are sharing a two-day interactive training on community health assessments, a presentation about  the role of nurses in healthy built environments, a webcast about customer service in public health, and a self-paced introductory toolkit to support grant preparation, implementation, and post-award processes.

A 6-Step Approach to Performing a Community Health Assessment

From: Region III Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center

Join Region III on March 23-24 2017 for a two day interactive training in Philadelphia, PA. “A 6-Step Approach to Developing a Community Health Assessment” will be focused on community health assessments (CHA) – a process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting information about the needs, strengths, and assets in a community. The workshop will provide participants with six steps to plan, develop, and conduct a CHA. The CHA will aid in documenting and raising awareness about unmet community needs; identify and prioritize areas for improvements; and create a community-partnered process for drawing on assets to implement health improvements.

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From: Region 5 LPS: University of Michigan

Healthy Built Environments: Nursing Strategies at The Policy, Program, And Patient Levels

Presenters from national and local settings share their perspectives on the role of nurses in ensuring healthy built environments, especially for children. This session provides an overview of current policy initiatives related to lead and other housing issues, share examples of funded programs aimed at improving health outcomes, and how nurses can interact with patients and fellow providers on the ground to address these concerns. This session features short lectures by national and local presenters, and a panel facilitated by Craig Fahle, Director of Public Affairs at the Detroit Land Bank.

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Customer Service In Public Health – Part III

This three-part webcast training series will demonstrate how public health managers and other professionals can contribute to the development of a culture of customer service within their organization, including a focus on mission, effective communication, and quality improvement processes. This third and final segment featured Dr. Geneva Williams, CEO and Founder of New Season Consultants & Collaborators, LLC, who shares insights into quality improvement and measurement of customer service.

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Grants Management 101 Toolkit

From: Region VIII Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center

The Grants Management 101 Toolkit is a self-paced online course that provides tools to enhance your grant writing skills and provides guidance on developing your goals, objectives and activities. Once you receive funding you can use the toolkit for information on how to manage your budget, methods to link to goals and outcomes and ways to fulfill post-award policies and reporting requirements.

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