Training Highlights: Population Health, Informatics, and Emergency Preparedness

untitled-designThis installment of our PHLN Training Highlights series brings us a live class on creating positive change in population health, weighing opportunity versus challenges in public health informatics, and an emergency preparedness leadership series.

Population Health: Finding Common Ground To Create Positive Change

From: University of Iowa College of Public Health

For those in the Iowa City area, visit the Institute for Public Health Practice at the University of Iowa for a workshop about creating a shared vision of what population health is and how successful partnerships are making positive changes throughout communities is the focus of this year’s Colloquium. This will take place on November 30 at 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm.

By the end of the program, attendees will be able to: recognize the gaps between how population health is defined and used by healthcare and public health professionals; identify opportunities for building collaborative partnerships between public health and health care to solve a population health issue; describe principles and common elements that lead to successful and sustainable work together; and utilize tools and examples of successful partnerships to improve population health in your community.

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Public Health Informatics: Are the opportunities for local and state agencies greater than the challenges?

From: Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center

Join us on November 4 at 12:00-1:30pm UTC for an online class that will highlight the benefits that local and state public health agencies can achieve by integrating public health informatics into their programs. Concrete examples from local and state health departments will be used to demonstrate the value of informatics. Challenges and strategies to address barriers will be addressed. The format will include an overview, presentation on practice-oriented health informatics, brief discussant comments, and Q and A from participants (live audience and online).

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Emergency Preparedness Leadership Series

From: Northwest Center for Public Health Practice

Participate in this online series for instruction on developing leadership skills for emergency preparedness and response. Included is a brief video giving an overview of emergency preparedness leadership, as well as courses on three key topics for leadership during times of crisis: managing changemaking decisions, and communicating risks. You may take each of the courses individually and receive a certificate for each one. If you choose to complete all three courses, you can also receive a certificate for the series as a whole.

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